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Legalization of Documents


The Danish Embassy can only legalize an original document, a true copy and/or a translation- by a sworn translator as long as the relevant document contains the original signature and stamp of the competent Jordanian authorities.

Please note that the Embassy can only legalize a document and/or its translation when legalized by the Jordanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


Documents that require legalization can be no more than 3 months old.

If you need a new certificate, please contact the authority that issued the old one.


A fee of 200 DKK (subject to change as of 01/01/2021) per legalized document has to be transferred to the following account:

Danske Bank

Account holder:     Udenrigsministeriet

Account No.:          4069172849

Registration No.:     0216

Payment ID:          Please note that since it is a central account it is

ESSENTIAL that the transfer is made with the following information:    

Name of the Embassy: BEIRUT

Surname of the person to whom the transfer relates

Birthday of the person to whom the transfer relates

                                                               Example: BEIRUT, Al-Khatib, 29.01.1991



◾1-Transfer the legalization fee(s) to Danske Bank. 
Please note that every stamp affixed by the Embassy counts for a legalization and consequently costs 200 DKK. If you need for example to legalize the original document and its legalization then you pay 400 DKK (2 x 200 DKK).

◾2-Address a dated letter to the Embassy in which you state your name, contact details, and indicate the number of documents that need to be legalized.

◾3-Enclose a copy of the Bank transfer receipt.

◾4-Enclose an already paid DHL or TNT envelope where you clearly write your name and address. The envelope will be used for returning the legalized documents.

◾5-Send the whole package to the Embassy in Beirut ONLY via DHL or TNT

Danish Embassy

Embassy Complex

Sérail Hill Army Street, Down Town Beirut

Beirut- Lebanon


One week approximately – to be counted from the day on which the Embassy receives the courier.