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How to apply for a Danish passport

Whether you want to apply for a passport for the first time or to renew your passport, please contact the Honorary General Consulate in Amman on the following number +962 (0) 65609500 in order to book an appointment. You will also need to bring supporting documents, pay a fee and have your old passport cancelled.

For a quick and efficient processing, you must collect all the required documents in the mandatory checklist before you submit your application. Failure to submit all the documents may result in unnecessary delays or rejection.

Once you apply at the Consulate and your biometrics are recorded, your application and other relevant documents will be sent to the Embassy in Beirut for processing and approval.

Upon issuance of the passport in Denmark, it will be sent back to the Embassy in Beirut and subsequently to the Consulate in Amman.

Appx. six weeks 

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